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tv   News Weekly  RT  July 27, 2014 12:29am-12:46am EDT

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half past the hour here in the russian capital it's r.t. international and they held a gun to my head that's how you case it is in an r.t. contributor graham phillips destroyed his ordeal at the hands of ukraine's security forces the reporter was detained earlier this week before being kicked out and bond for the country for three years and graham told us what else had happened to him while in detention. they were sending messages from my phone that message that you go r.t. saying all these fine i didn't i didn't send that message they were going through my messages asking me about every single message who sent this to you who is this person how do you know this person was put in a room next to an artillery position that they were firing heavily from that was being fired on i was kept in a cellar was detained along with another journalist for deal and he was beaten in front of me i saw soldiers you know kick him in the face and then a soldier said if you can confirm my details and he couldn't guarantee that i was
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going to live i was blindfolded we were kept in a cell without water or toilet facilities and then we were separated i was interrogated i was interrogated all day i was called a terrorist i was told i had a russian passport i was a russian spy they were telling me all day that i had entered ukraine through ukraine and entered it through russia it's all completely completely false they were accusing me of working for terrorists all of these accusations and interrogations and then they took my computer they took my things and i've just go are just recently been released and i was on the train to warsaw coming from the polish border and i just recently discovered that the now all of my accounts have been tacked onto it to account my e-mail account my you tube account which is obviously my main livelihood someone has deleted two thousand videos from every single account i have facebook contact the time and ukrainian forces have had my computer it was held by the s.p. you as well they've taken out they've stripped all the passwords so now basically
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be attacked and despite you now to try and get my life back having being kicked out of the country of ukraine my car was taken by the ukrainian military my money was taken my bullet proof vest i've been deported from a country i own a flat in told i'm an enemy of the state when all i ever did there was report the news which report the truth and i've been told i've been obviously banned from for three years kicked out of the border and there have been cyber attack so basically you know my entire life has been has been taken apart i mean thankfully i'm alive and as you can see how effective your i but i'm a little shell shocked by the whole experience of just trying to kind of get my bearings and get things back together after what was an ordeal. now kiev has admitted to detaining and interrogating graham have a listen to what the security service had to say before when their reporters whereabouts were still. i know has been seeking ostrich there's no information
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as were boats or whether there is a bounty on his head the ukrainian military don't. according to kiev graham has been deported for quote national security and territorial integrity concerns that reasoning is something that geo political analyst patrick henningsen well he's not buying it i think they're very nervous in the ukraine because they do not want information to escape the type of information that graham phillips is reporting about the true nature of the conflict what we have is clearly a civil war by anyone's definition except for the western media and politicians in europe in the united states are still calling it as as the government in kiev is an anti terror operation meanwhile civilians are being targeted that's the very thing that they're graham phillips is trying to relate to the world i think the policy. of transparency is something they're clearly not very good at it's been hiding in
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cover ups right from the beginning of this crisis right all the way back to february to the mike on so why should we expect anything different right now. eastern ukraine has become the world's most dangerous place but john according to the international news safety institute they say that since the start of the year working in eastern ukraine has been more risky than even iraq syria and pakistan seven media workers have died in the region while covering the conflict between kiev and anti-government forces and four of those people were employees of russian newspapers and broadcasters. kiev's army hasn't been able to take control of the two biggest cities in eastern ukraine this week despite its red lentulus shelling of urban areas and the latest bombardment took the lives of nineteen people most of the two dozen and damaged buildings were residential and a school and a kindergarten was so hit and this is the aftermath of one of the bloodiest scenes
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where a bus stop full of people came under fire and i witness described the horror of what they saw. although. the polls did you just heard an awful. little thought there would you favor. would you to perform for you the story you see on the over. the floor of your residence or the mood of the where you live or the other neighborhoods you can hear that what you would use what you heard was a little bit of those cues over there. there have not been as many casualties in donetsk where locals use basements to hide for the humanitarian situation is certainly worsening by the day there then you're going to then you knew you were in this why do you need your nose near. some buildings on the city's western outskirts have been left in ruins and that's where kiev's army has been trying to advance the fighting has brought local transport to a standstill making it harder for refugees to escape the perceived city and with
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more accounts from the war zone our correspondent. eastern ukraine homes a blaze cars riddled with bullets this is what locals here have been waking up to day after day for the past several weeks and the human cost of the sustained government assault has been steadily rising but you need us children and genuine men in waiting. you know maybe ten year book but among you know you have right here with many hundreds killed since the ukrainian army's operation began half a million have already packed up their belongings and fled across the border to russia but for those who stayed on constant reminders that nobody is safe. truly in hiding here for two months already sharing can start any time so monday i went outside to some water and it was a miracle that we survived we had to hide from shells and splinters behind. every
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single moment we're afraid to die i don't netsky is one of ukraine's largest cities home to a million people many caught in the crossfire between and fighters who have made the city their stronghold and government forces the ukrainian authorities pledged to continue their own slugs who ruled out what it calls terrorists but that means locals here have a long sulfites of their own the head of them don't know it's the largest city in a certain ukraine it was once full of life and accommodated the locals and foreign tourists on a couple of years ago with balkans thousands of football fans to the european football championships now however it's slow it's turning into a ghost town as local businesses close their doors and residents to leave the area for recalls and shelling that hasn't stopped in over a month. artsy donetsk ukraine. now anti-government forces are claiming
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kiev has used banned white phosphorous bombs during its latest shelling they posted this video of the alleged attack online which is so far it has not been independently verified moscow says it has proof that kiev has used incendiary bombs on at least six different locations and russia's defense ministry claims there were a number of indicators which are characteristic of phosphorus forms a kiev denying all allegations earlier we called the thoughts of former british army officer charles hsu bridge. shows many of the characteristics one would associate with white phosphorus use in particular it looks like it's an air device that's to say it's been delivered by mortars or artillery or props in aircraft it covers quite some substantial areas you can see by the time it reaches the ground and also you've got this very characteristic. features of breaking into very small very bright burning particles which as indeed military spokespeople elsewhere have commented upon in their right to to say that it falls very quickly to the ground
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this is a fear some device white phosphorus will burn it intense heat will burn right through to the bone it's it can't be put out by using water and if civilians are in the air it's all my sense of course widespread damage as well as fear and of course very serious injuries if it can be proved that white phosphorus has been used against either civilian targets or in an area where it's very likely civilians will be harmed there could well be repercussions in terms of crimes actions for example ukraine is indeed a signatory to the convention the u.n. convention which governs the use of incendiary weapons. and following the lead of the united states the european union has expanded its sanctions against russia over the ukrainian crisis brussels i did fifteen people in eighteen firms to its blacklist the measures include visa bans and asset freezes and further restrictions
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may be on the way but emmanuel kide the president of the franco russian chamber of commerce and industry he says e.u. states far united on the issue. for the turn being there is no economy consumption for you when we have to realize that. there is a strong. view among its member on the whether or not we should apply economic potential there is something which is very improbable that is when a country of the size of the worship of course you cannot easily search or come to you so you need to talk you clearly need to use a little. this week the british government announced a public inquiry into the death of former f.s.b. agent alexander litvinenko he died in london in two thousand and six after being poisoned by polonium you accused russia of being involved in an assassination but while the journalist neil clark believes the inquiry is actually serving a political purpose this comes on the very day that britain is trying to push other
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members of the e.u. to impose tougher sanctions on russia so this is just one more stick that the u.k. government think they can beat russia and so i think it's no coincidence that all the comes out just five days after this terrible plane disaster in ukraine it's all part of this russia campaign and the u.k. government will be hoping that bringing this back into the limelight trying to even more people against russia and so it's a political decision lightly. thanks for joining us here on r.t. international today a very short break they were back on reporting on the brief respite for the war stricken people of gaza back in.
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what i think is happening in the west is sad people essentially believing in this world when they believe that you know that me to comprehend fair and objective. they simply don't realize when propaganda is being pointed down we need to go by you know beyond that and actually gauge with the ideas in the information that is presented as well and confront that information and i think that's something that as you mentioned before not everything is black and white not everything isn't taken istic and the more that we can be i guess an open open minded con a source of information regardless of the source i think we're all going to be the . lead. government system is to help poor people poor women but they're going to change their life and nobody's trying to make money out of them those who want to make
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money out of them misuse it government concept turned the whole thing into militia can do that shit and you know pull still show. choose your language. make it with zero in federal prison officials in the title no such place for such treatments that the consensus gets to. choose the opinions that immigrate to. choose to stories that impact the lives choose to access to often. hello again israel has extended a humanitarian truce in gaza for another twenty four hours it will now or at midnight on sunday local time but hamas says it won't stop foreign rockets across
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the border that is until the israeli troops leave gaza over one hundred palestinian bodies were recovered from rubble during a lull in fighting on saturday that's bringing the latest death toll now to over one thousand is paulus where the israeli security cabinet has agreed to a twenty four hour extension of this united nations humanitarian cease fire that was first implemented early on saturday israeli officials are saying that they will however opposite of the cease fire if there are not any violations and that if in fact they are they reserve the right to add to their also saying that during this twenty four hour extension israeli soldiers who remain inside gaza where they will continue to locate destroy and dismantle tunnels and however we are hearing from any must spokesperson that they have rejected this extension of a cease fire and there was an initial twelve hour here in burma.